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The next step in wireless sensing and radio telemetry

What is Encounternet?

Encounternet is a telemetry system that combines animal worn digital radio tags and rugged wireless base stations to create an easy to deploy and autonomous position tracking and social network monitoring solution.

We produce the only commercial product that has the following features:

Tag behavior is highly adjustable and can be set at any time by users.

Wireless configuration of tag and base station settings. 

Wireless download of data stored on tags and base stations.

Tags can operate in multiple radio modes, including proximity logging and a low power ID pulse mode that mimics standard radio tags. Tags also have built-in transponder capability. 

Base stations automatically download onboard data logs from tags when in radio range, providing unattended data collection.

Tag and base station firmware can be customized for your application (extra charges may apply). 

Tags have onboard analog sensing capability (A/D converter) and have an expansion port to extend functionality with add-on circuit boards. We will soon be offering a line of sensor tags that include accelerometer, and/or GPS.

Easy wireless tag and base station firmware updates.